retirement trust for people Richard Hirtle.

The Ricky McMountain Family Trust


For retired homeowner's worried they will run out of money.

Running out of money is a common worry amoungst seniors. This causes many to cut spending they should not cut. Often eating poorly, cutting social and travel events and often just sitting about to conserve money. Below is a solution that will ensure you do not run out of money or end up having to do any of the above.


You join a pod. Your house is placed in the trust and it is rented out to fund a retirement spot for you and your family. This is called a Pod spot. A Pod spot is in a bigger house with others with Ricky McMountain standards meeting sleeping chambers in the basement. This leaves the rest of the house for day to day use. This is called a Pod.

Pods help you live healthier and longer by following "good food + good sleep + good spirits + good company" rules.

Once in a Pod you stop paying the costs of maintaining and running your house. Your house is funding your a Pod spot in a house, with food and a sleeping chamber, that can be willed to anyone you choose over and over untill the expiry date is reached.

NOTE: your pension, stock, other houses or any other funds you have, are always yours. The Trust never touches those funds.

Your House

Your house is rented out by the Trust and is maintained by the Trust. It is not remortgaged or used to secure loans. Your house remains in your name.

The Trust can help if you are

If you are single, and you expect to live many years before needing end stage care and are worried about money. Then there is a good chance entering the Trust will be good for you. Read up and understand the Trust. Do a quick financial calculation and see what cash frees up to do what you need or want to do. If all looks good to you then make the Trust aware of your intentions.

Perhaps you have an outstanding mortgage or CHIP type mortgage. In some cases the Trust may be able to help you deal with this. The Trust makes these decisions based on your precise situation and based on fairness to all. When you pass your Pod spot is willable to whom you choose.

If you are a couple expecting to live years longer before end stage care is needed and have money concerns then entering the Trust provides good options. One is knowing how the longer living spouse will be looked after and by whom. It provides freedom. The Trust is set-up for singles, couples simply cover the extra food and energy for their spouse ($200-$300 per month *does not apply to founding couples- ) and live in the same sleeping chamber. Read up and understand the Trust. Do a financial calculation and see what cash frees up to do what you both need or want to do. If all looks good to you then make the Trust aware of your intentions.

Do you have an outstanding mortgage or CHIP type mortgage? In some cases entering the Trust may help you deal with this. The Trust makes decisions to accept benficiaries based on your precise situation and fairness. When you pass your Pod spot is willable to whom you choose.

If you are expecting to live quite a few years more and have no money worries and would like to take lengthly trips. Then the Trust could provide your "home base -a Pod spot". You will know how the longer living spouse will be looked after and by whom. Plus your spot is willable over and over. if your house is capable of being a Pod, that might be an option too. If you have an intention make the trust aware.

Do a quick calculation

Equals your minimum monthly cash savings when you are in a Pod

If this looks feasible to you then read on

Once money and housing worries are gone and you enter the Trust as a beneficiary the Trust concentrates on helping benficiaries (you are now one) to live the longest possible. Running out of money can be fixed. So now you can concentrate on living longer and enjoying life.

There are 4 ways
Pods will help you live healthy longer

1. Good Food

Science shows that food is a primary key in keeping a human body and mind functioning at it’s best for the longest time possible. Good food is broadly defined as “if I does not go bad within 7 days, it is NOT good food. Good food will be freshly prepared in the Pod. Good food includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, meat, poultry, dairy, legumes, eggs, rice, barley and spices. Bottom line you eat foods that help keep a human body and mind functioning based upon food knowledge.

2. Good Sleeping
which has 6 requirements

You must sleep well in order to live longest, make it harder for disease to gain hold and keep you alert and sociable. For the human body the best sleeping is in a comfortable, cool, dark, quiet place, where you feel safe and secure and free of interruptions. Sleep is critical for good health and well being. Getting enough quality sleep helps protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Good sleep is likely to be proven as the elixir which ties everything together.

3. Help keep you in Good Spirits

Good spirits occurs best when someone is feeling good all around. Being able sleep in peace and quiet is key to good spirits. When people feel safe and secure, with little worry they begin to feel freedom which causes good spirits and helps push them to do things. Then they are as functional as they can be. Good spirits is strongly tied to living with people and good food and good sleep.

4. Good Company

Good company is just that. Having people around you that you can trust and rely upon and do things with. People who encourage you to do things, to think and enjoy, Not just sit or lay around doing nothing. Good company helps keep you mentally alert, feel safe and physically moving which helps keep you here longer.

There is simply no substitute for any of the above!

Sleep chambers and their importance

read about the Ricky McMountain world wide standards for Sleep Chambers

Trust Sleeping chambers must be built to Ricky McMountain standards.

Trust sleeping chambers are built to last a minimum of 100 years. Meaning that 100 years from now with minimum upkeep your chamber will look and function the same as a new one.

How your house is protected and used

Your UN-encumbered house will be protected, and maintained by the Trust. Your house must be at minimum capable of housing a family of 4. Your house must be in reasonable repair and must be documented so the Trust knows upcoming taxes, about when a new roof, HVAC system, driveway, painting, windows or such are likely to need attention. The Trust views good home maintenance as critical and quite foolish to let your house or any Trust house deteriorate. NOTE: condos, cottages, apartments, industrial or office buildings are NOT houses.

How the Trust thinks and operates

1. The Trust is primarily for retired persons.

2. A couple is two people and requires sharing a chamber and a bit more. Exception can be made depending on what the facts are.

3. The Trust thinks like this, "good food, good sleep, good spirits and good company will give you the longest time possible in your pod before you have to enter outside constant or hospice care.

4. Having space for 3 more extra sleeping chambers allows Pod members to house outsiders to help them when members need more care.

5. The final decision for you to enter constant or hospice care elsewhere is made by you and your doctor and the Pod members you live with.

6. The date you go into constant or hospice care elsewhere remains with you and the Pod members you live with and is only made when you need more care than your Pod beneficiaries and you can do for yourselves.

7. Once you and your partner are no longer alive your Pod spot is immediately available for your beneficiary for the agreed time 7 years. They simply move in.

The Trust is structured to last in perpurtuity and will follow these rules of thinking.

  • Trust rules.
  • 1. The Trustee must be a Trust benificiary.
  • 2, The Trust may not pay any beneficiary by way of cash or salary.
  • 3. The Trust benefit: "A Pod spot". Which is single occupancy in a Pod with a private sleeping chamber, (built to Ricky McMountain standards) in a nice house with good food included. All at no additional cost. A second person cost is monthly food and energy. About $200-$250 per month.
  • 4. A members Pod spot cannot be used by those outside the Trust, unless temporarily sharing with a visitor and you remain present. No renting allowed.
  • 5. A Pod spot is willable.
  • 6. A Pod spot can be traded with any other Pod member both short and long term.
  • Priority of Trust spending.
  • 1. month to month Pod running costs: eg. food utilities
  • 2. all the Trust houses taxes
  • 3. all the Trust houses maintenance costs
  • 4. multi year reserve funds
  • 5. helping social ills

Can my house be a Pod?


If it is large enough for 13 sleeping chambers and three more to be used for outsider help when Pod members need extra care. It may be suitable to be a Pod. If you want your house considered then make the Trust aware of your intentions.

Join a Pod

If your house is good for a family of 4 in reasonably good repair then your option is joining a Pod and becomng a beneficiary. If this is what you want then make the Trust aware of this. Your house remains in your name within the Trust.

When you become a benificiary